Here are examples of websites I have created for clients along with testimonials of their experience.

Ron Blumenfeld

Ron Blumenfeld came to me after he had written his first historical fiction novel in need of a website for self-promotion.

The goal was to create a website that showcased his new book and his writing talents.

The Eco Dude

The Eco Dude

Brad Kerner, AKA The Eco Dude, is an Instagram influencer who gained notoriety for his year-long attempt to consume little-to-no plastic in his household. He documented his journey on his Instragram, which picked up a lot of traction, and eventually leading him to create his own low-waste retail store, Eco Evolution.

Brad contracted me to improve the look and feel of his blog and to better tell his story to inspire other eco dudes to reduce their reliance on plastic through small, simple changes that don’t involve a huge lifestyle overhaul.

Foundation for Estonian Arts and Letters logo

Foundation for Estonian Arts and Letters

Every year, a festival is held to celebrate Estonian heritage and culture. I was contracted to provide a program, promotional artwork, and online video content to promote the annual festival in 2019. 

Since then, our partnership has continued into designing and updating the Foundation’s website as new events are organized and the organization grows.

Karen McCormack logo

Law Office of Karen A. McCormack, LLC

Karen understood that everyone needs an online presence, even if your primary business is not an online storefront. Reputation matters, and it’s important to have your business represented online.

I created a website to help announce Karen’s law practice and introduce the public to her.

Nancy Burkhalter

Nancy Burkhalter

Nancy is an established author who wanted a website to better promote her works in addition to promote her new novel, The Education of Delhomme: Chopin, Sand, & La France.

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